Hi! I am a first-year PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at University of Toronto, where I am advised by Igor Gilitschenski. I am currently working on faster neural rendering for 3D scenes. Previously, I was a Pre-Doctoral researcher at the Earth Observation Science group at Google Research, India where I worked with Varun Gulshan . My research there focused on self-supervised learning with large-scale multimodal satellite data for remote sensing applications.

I graduated from Indian Institute of Technology Madras with a B.Tech (Hons.) and a M.Tech in Electrical Engineering, and minors in Mathematics and Computing. I completed my thesis with Prof. Harish Guruprasad on generalization in deep neural networks. I also worked in the Computational Neuroscience Lab at IIT Madras. My research interests lie in applying machine learning for computer vision and multimodal content understanding.


Multimodal contrastive learning for remote sensing tasksa
Umangi Jain, Alex Wilson, Varun Gulshan NeurIPS, SSL'22 | NeurIPS Workshop on Self-Supervised Learning - Theory and Practice

Convolutional elman jordan neural network for reconstruction and classification using attention window
Sweta Kumari, S Aravindakshan, Umangi Jain, V Srinivasa Chakravarthy ICICV'20 | Innovations in Computational Intelligence and Computer Vision